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Information for Decision Making

Assessment is usually the first step. Do you need information and understanding to be able to take important decisions for instance for strategy building or for investments? Or do you want to get information in order to evaluate an ongoing or completed intervention?

My field includes researches for fact finding, to answer key questions or test hypothesis, to evaluate processes or structures, to reveal weaknesses and to show opportunities, to do feasibility studies or to make market assessments.

I love Rapid Participatory Assessments and complex situations but your reality counts for which I am happy to propose the appropriate methodology.


Co-Creation of the Future

We know the situation and our objectives. But how to get there?

Creation of future interventions requires sharp thinking and collective processes to agree and commit for a plan.

I may moderate or I may design strategic plans for individuals, for projects, for institutions or for a whole sector. I give shape to your ideas and the ideas of relevant stakeholders and give them a structure. This may be in a classic form with theories of change and logical frameworks or more process oriented, focusing on actors and capacity building.

In no case it is about "my" plan, but about the plan of mandate providers and stakeholders concerned.


Into Change and Reality

Do you need somebody to make your plans happen? Are you unhappy with the present situation and need change?

Setting in place processes and combine people, their understandings and commitments in a coherent way is the art of management.

Be that a new endeavour, be that a temporary vacancy or be that a crises situation, let me propose a solution for your operations.

Usually, I work based on a consultancy contract that defines the Terms of References including for me and my partners. That is a convenient one stop shop. We agree on the deliverables, the content and administrative reporting requirements, the ownership of results, the terms of payment, a daily honorarium and on cost recovery for travel costs and project expenses. We may use my or your contract template. I am based in Switzerland and I work according to Swiss legislation and taxation, with full flexibility to engage anywhere in the world.

I have a basic honorarium, but I apply generous discounts if content is exciting, if a mandate provider may not be able to afford that amount or if there are long term engagements with limited administrative requirements.

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