Organics 4 Development

Markus Arbenz

Assessment - Strategy - Management

Agroecology and Organic Agriculture - Opportunities for economic, social and ecological development

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Agroecology and
Organic Agriculture

FAO and various NGOs have defined and promote Agroecology. Billions of consumers around the world give preference to Organic products and are oftentimes ready to pay a premium totalling over 100 billion US$. The organic sector is united in IFOAM Organics International who defines the organic landmarks.

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International Cooperation and Development

Official development assistance amounts to over 150 billion US$ per year, 5% of it for agriculture development. Much of it is sought to achieve the SDGs, however investments into agroecology and organic farming remain far beyond its relevance and its potentials. There are untapped opportunities.

Hi, this is Markus Arbenz

I am a consultant in development cooperation and organic agriculture/agroecology supporting institutions and projects with

  • Assessment (fact finding, feasibility, evaluation);
  • Strategy (concept building, institutional development, individual/ organisational and sector strategy); and
  • Management (implementation, institutions and crises management).
I am trained in agriculture and development cooperation and I have more than 25 years of professional experience at grassroots, executive and concept levels in many countries and organisations.

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